CDH Art - A prolific and talented conceptual Melbourne street artist whose work does not follow a signature style, medium or motif, but rather relies on the effective communication of an idea to dictate the form of the piece.  CDH's work is intelligent, considered and inventive - sometimes with interactive aspects, which allows the work to transcend pure aesthetic.  



Jeanette Maree - Armadale based jewellery and accessories designer.  Trading primarily as a bridal accessories designer, her fashion and art pieces featured extensively in art and fashion photography are a sight to behold.  Extraordinarily beautiful hand made pieces that are hand made and a culmination of over 20 years experience.  



Adam - A Melbourne artist producing works in a variety of media including but not limited to Oil, Charcoal and Etchings. 
Adam is able to draw on emotion in the context of a time and place making his work personal and striking.  His work encompasses landscape, portraiture, and nature.  As a fan of monochrome, I find his dry point etching prints to be particularly engaging.